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What Goes in a Wedding Invitation?


Wedding invitation created for Jordana and Mitchell

Are you researching wedding planning steps, and now you’re wondering — what goes in a wedding invitation? I’m listing every design and technical aspect you need to include in a wedding invitation.

What Goes in a Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation suite consists of the main invitation card, along with paper goods that list vital information about the ceremony. You can include inserts about the attire, program, directions, and response cards. With a custom handmade invitation, you can also choose to add wax seals, stickers, monograms, or satin boxes.

I want to know as much detail about your visions and ideas as possible so that we can apply your theme, style, and color to the wedding stationery. From there, you can determine what goes in your wedding invitation ensemble.

Main Invitation Card

This card is the primary element of a wedding invitation package. It’s essential that you know how to word a wedding invitation as the card must list details like the names of the hosts, couple’s names, location, time, and date.

Wedding invitation created for Jaclyn and Craig

In addition, this card typically entails the name of the entourage and their important roles in the ceremony. Determining what goes in a wedding invitation also includes choosing the appropriate card paper. Similarly, the designs of the cards and envelopes must complement each other.

Card Paper

The paper is one of the things that give guests an idea of the vibe of your wedding day. I recommend choosing a card stock if you want to put heavy stationery with a luxurious feel in your wedding. 

In case you prefer a sleek, minimalist vibe, I can create a custom acrylic invitation card with crystal clear prints. Vellum is a good option for couples looking for a more traditional aesthetic as the cotton fibers create sleek yet sturdy stationery. 

Meanwhile, kraft paper is suitable for rustic-themed weddings for a more handmade feeling. Lastly, I also have laser-cut technology to create intricate shapes and details in cards.

Card and Envelope Style

Here are the various handcrafted ways I can present the cards, envelopes, and boxes.

  • Single card: If you have only a few details to announce, you can choose a single yet charming invitation card. Whether you have a retro, bohemian, nerdy, or traditional theme, I’ll spend time conceptualizing, designing, and printing your single wedding invitation cards.
  • Pocketfold: If you don’t want a bunch of single cards, you can opt for a pocket fold instead. We will determine the correct dimensions and design whether you like classic bi-fold, panel pockets, square, or pocket frames.
  • Satin Box: A box is an excellent alternative to an envelope, particularly if you need to put several items inside. Whatever wedding color palette you desire, we can craft satin silk invitation boxes for a more luxurious appearance.
  • Invitation wrapper: I can also personalize a belly band or silk ribbon to hold the stationery together. I can guide you in selecting the colors and even accentuate the invitation paper using flowers or jewels.
Wedding invitation created for Jennifer and Peter

Bespoke Elements

Envelopes usually have some adhesion to prevent the contents from spilling out into the mailing box. You can use bespoke elements such as stickers and wax seals as another layer of seal in the envelopes.

  • Stickers: I can personalize pretty stickers that show your monograms, logos, or short messages. You can choose matte, transparent, or photo stickers in any size or shape.
  • Wax seal: Wax seals are dainty details that can elevate the look of wedding invitations. These tiny yet elegantly embossed circles are suitable for most types of wedding invitation paper, including card stock, cotton fiber, and vellum. I can also provide self-adhesive wax seals if you want to put the seals by yourself.

Logos or Monogram

The way you put letters and logos expresses subtle things about your wedding aesthetic. A monogram is one of the most customizable parts I can include in a wedding invitation design. 

A professional calligrapher can combine or overlap two or more letters to form a symbol. It normally uses the initial letters of a couple’s first names. Even after the wedding, you can still use the monograms and logos in home decorations or personalized gifts.

Printing Design

The print design is another element that goes into wedding invitations. There are different handcrafted ways to convey your wedding style and motif.

Wedding invitation created for Amanda and Mickey
  • Letterpress: Choose a letterpress if you prefer a soft, romantic, and vintage vibe. This is ideal if you would use a soft cotton stock since the material can easily absorb the ink.
  • Embossing: I use a high-end technique to make the letters look raised on the front yet indented on the back. In effect, your wedding invitations would have an inkless imprint that looks good for borders and typography.
  • Foil stamping: Foil printing produces stunning and clean colors with a metallic effect. This style complements most kinds of paper.
  • White ink printing: Another way I can make a minimalist wedding invitation card is to use white ink printing. This is perfect if you want dark-colored invitation cards and envelopes.

Invitation Inserts

Invitation inserts are equally essential as the main cards as they provide more information about your wedding day. 

  • Save-the-Date cards: Include save-the-date cards if you don’t require a response and only want to inform your guests of the plan.
  • Response cards: Opt for response cards if you need the recipient to respond and give you a headcount. Make sure to include a mailing envelope and postage. Write your correct address to avoid cards from getting lost in the mail.
  • Map and directions: This card is another crucial component of a wedding invitation, especially if you have friends from out of town or flying overseas. We can hand draw a map and emphasize important directions when driving or taking public transportation.
  • Attire card: Put an attire card in your wedding invitation suite to ensure guests follow the dress code and motif. We can also draw or print the actual color palette or sample outfits.


A wedding invitation consists of stationery detailing the entourage list, ceremony details, attire, directions, and RSVP cards. Here at Laura Damiano Designs, I can personalize the paper, prints, logo, stickers, and envelopes according to your wedding’s motif. I create one-of-a-kind designs for handmade wedding invitations and stationery of your dreams.

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