Hi there, I am Laura Damiano. I create one-of-a-kind, bespoke stationery and branding that expresses my clients’ unique personalities and stories surrounding their events. It probably wouldn’t surprise you if I told you that since the time I could hold an art utensil–whether it be a paint brush, marker or crayon–I was doing so every spare moment I could find. I remember playing in my dad’s desk drawers for hours and creating artwork that my mother has now made into a collage for her home. I learned to create everything by hand, and still prefer that method today.

My mission is to be an integral part of my clients’ projects and make each design unique. I am able to achieve this because no two client designs are ever the same. I create pieces that express the individual style of my clients, and there is no limit to the style, color, creativity, or fonts I incorporate. Do you want traditional, trendy, or funky stationery? Are you looking for a unique design to express your brand? I am able to create exactly what you want, the way you want it, without limiting your vision or creative ideas.

I pour my heart and soul into each design I create. I am honored that I have won many awards during the six years I have been in business. In 2013 + 2016, I was awarded the “Best of Westchester Award”, which is based on votes by readers of Westchester Magazine. In 2014, I was awarded the prestigious “40 Under 40 Award” by the Business Council of Westchester. I have also been consecutively awarded, for the past six years, numerous awards from the Wedding Wire including the “Couples’ Choice Award” and “Bride’s Choice Awards”.

When I am not busy at work designing for my wonderful clients, you will find me in a Soul Cycle class sweating, getting a good mental cleanse, and jamming to electronic dance music–on my bike! I love pizza and traveling, and generally spend lots of time on the east coast of Florida with my family.



I’d like for you to meet my new business side-kick – my son, Jace. Jace was born on September 14th, 2016, and brings such joy to every day. Jace has his own claimed area in each room of the house, so no matter where I am working, he is always by my side helping out. He’s the first to take lunch, to troubleshoot my printers by pulling out every wire, to greet my clients and the UPS delivery man with drool when they knock on my door, all while wearing his bib, knee pads and an adorable little smile!



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